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Random Techo
Mar 22, 2003

Diva MP3016W MP3 player

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These are quite choice little machines. However I did find that I couldn't get the USB connection to work on my P4 running XP and Abit IS7 mobo (I used the USB 1.0 connectors too).

Problem: I would plug in the USB cable and the display would show the firmware and memory as per usual and then start playing the tracks. Funnily enough the USB connection was OK most of the time on my old PIII running XP. The MP3016W was running 2_19WE firmware.

There is a later load of firmware (2_22WE) available on the Daisy Multimedia site ( which seems to fix this issue. I can only think that it was related to the USB hardware since both the PC's were running on XP. The firmware load also improves operation with USB 2.0 connectors which most P4 mobo's have in spades.

To do the update -

Copy software.sys file to the players internal memory (eject the CF).

Switch off the unit.

Press and hold down the Vol up, Vol down and Play buttons.
The display will show PROG and a timer indicator
then show READ and a timer indicator and finally
will show DONE (takes about 1-2 mins).

Seems to run SanDisk 256MB CF and Transcend 512MB 45x CF OK

Software - Apps
Mar 20, 2003

A big whinge!

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Not really a bug but annoying - this involves my favourite email client which happens to be Mozilla Mail - why can I not delete an attachment? It seems to me that it makes good sense to be able to save the body texts and discard unwanted attachments. I tend to want to save particular attachments to others areas of the filing system rather than end up with a bloated mail cache in the Mail client.

STOP PRESS: Thunderbird looks like being the saviour with an extension called Attachment Tools that allows deleting, etc of attachments -

Even more STOP PRESS: Thunderbird 1.5 supports the deletion of attachments - brilliant!

Mar 16, 2003

Gethostbyaddr() warning error on Hyperbook

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Straight forward install but when an entry for the guestbook was submitted I got the error -

Warning: gethostbyaddr(): Address is not a valid IPv4 or IPv6 address in /home/wanderin/public_html/guestbook/index.php on line 1214

Everything worked OK but the Warning being displayed was annoying however.

To get around the issue an @ was placed in the failing line which in effect forces PHP to suppress the error codes.

$new_remotehost = @gethostbyaddr($new_ipaddress);

App - Troubleshoot
Mar 16, 2003

Outlook.exe - ordinal not found error

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... the ordinal 36 could not be located in the dynamic link library MAPI32.dll

This error pops up when clicking an email link on a website. This was on a system running XP with OE not installed. The mail client happens to be Mozilla Mail and the problem occurred when using Mozilla Firefox. The problem seems to occur when the browser being used is not set as the default browser (the default browser was Mozilla 1.6) with associated mail client.

Mar 16, 2003

Mouseover produces "missing ; before statement" error

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This problem had me going for a while - a javascript image mouseover wasn't working, all I would get was an error "missing ; before statement" in the Javascript Console.

The result was I had used ) instead of } at the end of line 3 (need glasses....)

1 <td width="33%"><a href="flinks.html" img border="0"
2 onMouseOver="if(document.images){document.backpage.src= 'images/bbpon220w.gif'}"
3 onMouseOut="if(document.images){document.backpage.src= 'images/bbpoff220w.gif'}"
4 <img name="backpage" src="images/bbpoff220w.gif" alt="Goto Next Page" width="220" height="72" border="0"></a></td>

Hardware - Windows
May 23, 2002

nVidia driver problem brings PC to knees

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PC Details:
Win 2000 Professional SP2
Creative 3D Blaster Riva TNT video card
Driver installed:
J2RE 1.4.1_01 in Mozilla 1.3

Using Mozilla (as I usually do) I had a problem when I viewed the following URL -

On scrolling down the page the trouble started when the standard Lake applet entered the screen - the screen went black and screen then froze. ^ Alt Del was useless and the PC needed a front panel reset.
This problem to occur with any Java applet on any site and would happen EVERY time so I considered it quite a catastrophic bug.

The Event Viewer showed -
Source: nv Event ID 13
GR SW Notify error on 0000 88001c00 00000042 00000304 10003D00 00000002

I re-installed the nVidia driver with standard Microsoft nVidia driver and applet views were then OK, no problems.

nv4.sys 5.00.2165.0327 30/9/1999
nv4.dll 5.00.2160.0327 30/9/1999

I then installed the nVidia driver and applet views were still OK, no problem.

The problem appeared to be with the nVidia driver and fortunately the latest driver (at the time) fixed the problem.

The Beginning
Jun 6, 2002

Welcome to the Hippo's Techo Blog.

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Just a wee place with all sorts of miscellaneous tech stuff which may be of some use to folk - or not.

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