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Hardware - Windows
May 23, 2002

nVidia driver problem brings PC to knees

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PC Details:
Win 2000 Professional SP2
Creative 3D Blaster Riva TNT video card
Driver installed:
J2RE 1.4.1_01 in Mozilla 1.3

Using Mozilla (as I usually do) I had a problem when I viewed the following URL -

On scrolling down the page the trouble started when the standard Lake applet entered the screen - the screen went black and screen then froze. ^ Alt Del was useless and the PC needed a front panel reset.
This problem to occur with any Java applet on any site and would happen EVERY time so I considered it quite a catastrophic bug.

The Event Viewer showed -
Source: nv Event ID 13
GR SW Notify error on 0000 88001c00 00000042 00000304 10003D00 00000002

I re-installed the nVidia driver with standard Microsoft nVidia driver and applet views were then OK, no problems.

nv4.sys 5.00.2165.0327 30/9/1999
nv4.dll 5.00.2160.0327 30/9/1999

I then installed the nVidia driver and applet views were still OK, no problem.

The problem appeared to be with the nVidia driver and fortunately the latest driver (at the time) fixed the problem.

The Beginning
Jun 6, 2002

Welcome to the Hippo's Techo Blog.

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Just a wee place with all sorts of miscellaneous tech stuff which may be of some use to folk - or not.

122 Posts. Displaying page 1 of 13.

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