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White Island (Bay of Plenty, NZ)

These snaps were taken during a visit by NSTC to White Island which is situated in the Bay of Plenty a couple of hours off the coast. Access is by motor launch from Whakatane and protective gear needs to be worn since the island is an active volcano on the main fault line running into the North Island. Sulphur was mined many years ago until things got out of hand and the works was demolished by an eruption

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White Island
Walking across the interior.

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The pier.
Embarkation is done from the old pier by the defunct sulphur works in the bay.

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The ruins.
View of the bay from the old sulphur mining works

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Just some rocks by the pier

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One of the active sulphur vents returning from the main crater.

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More sulphur.
Extremely robust colour of sulphur around the vents.

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Main crater.
A panoramic view of the main crater - I wasn't game to get closer to the edge as the drop was rather severe into the green abyss.