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Trepel Champ 300 High Loader Lower Platform

A view of the lower platform where containers are loaded/unloaded/turned,etc and then elevated to the front platform for loading.

Joystick heaven!

Trepel Champ 300 High Loader

Used these at Prestwick to load/unload pallets into/out of 747 freighters (Nose and Upper deck).
Big aircraft engines use specialized 20 foot cradles and can be rather exciting to load/offload ...

30 tonne capacity!

Typical 747 Pushback

Particularly interesting on a fully laden freighter during the turn and the bar starts 'cracking' - often wondered what steps to take if the bar should come through the window - bloody great big ones probably!.

Brute force!

Reliance Heavy Pushback tug

Used these types of tug (same colour as well) at Prestwick to push the Boeing 747 freighters.
Could be used for 737 aircraft if desperate but very powerful and needs a delicate touch.

Yellow beast!

As they say, work is good for the soul - construction machinery is even better.

What a lovely rear end!