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This page is devoted to credits and links to various sources who have generously made code/images/etc available on the Internet and which I have used in the construction of this web.

Should there be any issue with the use of these items I will be most prepared to withdraw them.


CurvyCorners Javascript:
Obsolete on modern browsers.
Very nice script for curving corners by Cameron Cooke. Unfortunately IE javascript performance too slow to use the script. Curvycorners
HyperBook Guestbook: Useful Guestbook - latest version getting old but works well enough. Adapted for use as a blog as well. Thomas R. Pasawicz
Thickbox: Very useful Lightbox type script by Cody Lindley for snap viewing. (no longer maintained) Cody Lindley
Scroller Javascript: Scrolling engine by Thomas Brattli.
Old but still works OK.
Browser Detect Javascript: Useful CSS orientated script by Rafael Lima. Rafael Lima
Crossword Javascript: This game was written by Jan Mulder Jan Mulder
Tower of Hanoi A game using CSS/HTML only! Stu Nicholls in collaboration with
Javier Román Cortés
Battleship Javascript:  This game is written by Jason Hotchkiss  The JavaScript Source
Tic Tac Toe Javascript: Known in NZ as Noughts and Crosses this variation uses code originally created by Maximilian Stocker. The JavaScript Source
Minesweeper Javascript: Old favourite originally authored by Juan Mellado. Juan Mellado
Hangman Javascript: Old favourite created by Jan Mulder. A very good implementation.  Jan Mulder
Word Search Javascript: Good wee game created by Jan Mulder.  Jan Mulder
Draughts(Checkers) Javascript: Not sure of the originator but modified to comply with the rules better.   
Merry Christmas Tree : Java applet (seasonal)
Java defunct - now using anigif of applet
A freeware beta created by demario email -
Rubik's Cube Java applet:
Java defunct on newer browsers/OS'es
Non-profit making freeware by Song Li helped by David W Liu - superb! Song Li
Rubik's Cube Javascript/WebGL: Freeware courtesy Werner Randelshofer - excellent! Werner Randelshofer
Fireworks Javascript: (seasonal - New Year/Guy Fawkes) A wee script by Rasmus! Rasmus
Cursor Images Javascript: (seasonal) Nice wee script that allows cursor following images on special days - nifty!