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Atlantis on XP

Initial run:

Using Abit IS7 mobo the ATI Radeon 9100 had v 3.0 driver installed from original CD.

The game had previously been installed and working OK on Win 2K with Virtual CD 4.03 - I found that using the same directories again with XP seemed to be OK

I used the compatibility mode on the Atlantis.exe to invoke the game but some settings didn't appear to have any effect -

Run in normal window

Compatibility Mode - Windows 2000 (best result)

256 color - checked (no effect noticeable)

640 x 480 resolution - checked (no effect noticeable)

Disable Visual Themes - checked

Turn off Advanced Text Services for this Program - checked

I noticed that the minimum setting for the Radeon 9100 was only 800 x 600 so maybe this had something to do with the 640 x 480 thing.

The game started OK with Cryo astronaut and then sunrise across Atlantis. The player menu was unstable (quick flashing effect).

A player was selected and the game went straight to area by pool. (no intro video and not starting on lower level.)

Plodding on it seemed to work but when the stairs on left were ascended I got a catastrophic error when I clicked to go along the balcony of the palace (this error always occurred at the same spot) -

Application error: F:\cryo\Atlantis\Atlantis.exe

The instruction at 00296551C referenced memory at FFEF4260.

The memory could not be written.

The ATI Radeon 9100 was updated with v 4.4 Catalyst drivers and the unstable player menu appeared fixed however the fatal error problem was still occurring.

The fix for the error issue was the application of an update file ( This file contains a new Atlantis.exe and Cryo.dll which seem to do the trick. I noticed that I also got the intro video and the game started in the correct place on the lower level.

So the game at least functions OK on XP Pro SP1 but whether I get the time to play it through and see how the CD 2 swap goes I don't know

Note: XP SP1 included a tweak to the VESA capability in the DOS Virtual Machines which makes a difference for some DOS/Win 95 games on XP but since this one worked OK on W2K I don't think it was an issue here.

File list installed: F:\Cryo\Atlantis

    01atlan1.apc 8,678 KB   Not sure but look like

    09voltot.apc 2,969 KB   the movie bits,

    10atlan2.apc 6,026 KB   they appear as the 

    23_pala1.apc 6,605 KB   game progresses

    33intro.apc 2,420 KB

Atlantis.exe 698 KB Fixed file

Cryo.dll 478 KB Fixed file

Mss32.dll 156 KB

    Pa2.gam 3 KB I think these are the

    Pb2.gam 3 KB   game saves

    Pb3.gam 3 KB

Players.atl 1 KB

Setup.Exe 620 KB

Setup.ico 9 KB

Setup.ini 7 KB

uninstal.Exe 31 KB

xAtlantis.exe 672 KB Original file

xcryo.dll 478 KB Original file