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A Poem - it's always been tough....

We met and we married a long time ago
We worked long hours when wages were low
No TV,  no wireless, no baths, times were hard
Just cold taps and a walk in the yard
No holidays abroad, no posh carpets on the floors
But we had coal on the fire and we didn't lock doors
Our children arrived, a real home we made
And we brought them up without state aid
They were always safe to go play in the park
That's when old people could go out in the dark
No vandals, no mugging, there was nothing to rob
And we all felt rich with a couple of bob
Milkmen and paper boys would whistle and sing
A night at the pictures was having a fling
We had our full share of struggle and strife
We just had to face it - the pattern of life
But now we are old I look back through the years
I don't think of the hard times, the troubles, the tears
I remember the blessings, our home and our love
We shared them together and thanked God above

- apparently printed in the UK's Sunday Post

Favourite notice behind receptionists desk

Do you want to talk to the MAN in charge or the WOMAN who knows what's going on.

Paradox department

"The best photographs are the ones I never took." - usually a fleeting glimpse of a stunning scene or situation and it embeds itself on your mind but of course the camera wasn't ready or somesuch.

Computer Ergonomics

Time for a break, if you want to refresh the eyes try THIS (works for me).